The Complete Guide to Kolukkumalai Trek

The Complete Guide to Kolukkumalai Trek
Published Date: 21st Mar 2024

Complete Guide to Kolukkumalai Trek from Suryanelli

Unravel the magical journey to the top organically grown tea estate in the world: Kolukkumalai, ensconced amidst the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India.

The most amazing views, relatively tough trails, and living a life amidst the bounty of nature make it the lifetime experience of this trek. Below is the detailed guide, dividing each aspect of the Kolukkumalai Trek from Suryanelli.

Getting to Suryanelli

Suryanelli is approachable by road from major cities of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, located about 116 km away, and the closest railway station is Aluva, which lies approximately 109 km from Suryanelli.

Regular buses and taxis ply to Suryanelli, making it a convenient starting point for your trek.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to trek up Kolukkumalai would ideally be from September through to May, as in these periods, the climate gets really pleasant, and the viewability is clear. The months of June to August, during the monsoons, would be best avoided because of heavy rainfall, leaving most parts slippery.

Trekking Route and Duration

Your trek commences from Suryanelli and a while later takes you through tea gardens, and then over rugged terrains, and sometimes even through scenic landscapes. The total distance one covers from Suryanelli up to Kolukkumalai is approximately 10 km, and it takes around 4-6 hours for you to cover the trek distance if walking at a normal pace.

Highlights of the Trek

Tea Plantations: Walk through the aromatic tea gardens, witnessing the process of tea plucking and processing.

Breathtaking Views: The panoramic view is visible down from the hills rolling towards the Western Ghats, farther towards the distant plains of Tamil Nadu from the resort.

Sunrise Point: Early ascents to the top offer an unbelievable sunrise view, with the sky colored orange and pink.

Kolukkumalai Tea Factory: An educative visit to the age-old tea factory producing some of the best teas and learn the way involved in the traditional way of making tea.

Tips for Trekkers

Fitness: Ensure you are physically fit as the trek involves steep climbs and rugged paths. - **Clothing:** Wear comfortable trekking shoes and carry warm clothing, as it can get chilly at higher altitudes.

Hydration: Carry enough water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energized.

Respect Nature: Follow the 'Leave No Trace' principle, keeping the environment clean and undisturbed. 

Accommodations and Facilities All types of accommodation are available in Suryanelli, starting from reasonable priced homestays to luxury resorts. Since the time is really very busy, reservations have to be made in advance. Basic facilities such as food and restrooms are available, but essentials are always better carried by visitors. 

Conclusion The Kolukkumalai Trek from Suryanelli would be interesting for adventure freaks and nature lovers. Spectacular landscapes, rich flora, and refreshing tea gardens—all these and much more make one combine for this to be one of the treks of a lifetime. So, gear up and strap your laces; be set to embark on this adventurous journey with, your best-loved travel partner to explore the unexplored!