Kashmir Great Lake Trek
Kashmir Great Lake Trek

Kashmir great lakes trek in kashmir backpacking trip

The seven-night, eight-day Kashmir Great Lakes Trek explores the region's most renowned high-altitude lakes, including Vishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, and Gangabal.  The rated-as-difficult trek constantly presents you with new obstacles while exposing you to the most breathtaking landscapes you have ever witnessed. The trekking route traverses verdant meadows, gushing streams, majestic snow-capped mountain peaks, and mountain passes.

The trail begins in Nichnai Valley, which is surrounded by pine trees, meadows, glacier streams, and mountain summits. Vishansar Lake is the first Alpine Lake encountered on the trek, followed by Kishansar Lake, which is adjacent to a vast meadow. The trail continues to Gadsar Pass, the highest point of the trek at 4,300 metres, from there. From here, there are magnificent views of Mount Nanga Parbat. The next destination is Lake Satsar. From Satsar Lake, you will make your journey to the Gangabal campsite, crossing the Zaji Pass and taking in views of Mount Harmukh from 5,000 metres. The descent from Gangabal to Narang Valley is followed by a drive to Srinagar.

Throughout the trek, you will be between 2000 and 4000 metres above sea level. During the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, you will have the incredible opportunity to observe the diverse flora and fauna of the northwestern Himalayas. The 5,400-meter-tall Harmukh Peak will inspire both awe and inspiration in you. However, the best part of the walk is the lakes themselves, which transform almost magically from clear at dawn to sea green to light blue to inky blue at dusk. It will be an experience that you will remember forever. 

Important Note: Carry the original and two photocopies of your ID, as you will need to present these documents at the army checkpoint.

Day 1: Srinagar to Sonmarg

  • Arriving in Srinagar, you will be greeted by our representatives.
  • Spend the first day of the Kashmir Lakes Trek in the enchanted city of Srinagar, renowned for its gardens, lakes, and houseboats.
  • If you'd like, you can take an iconic Shikara ride on Dal Lake or stroll through the Mughal Gardens, which reveals countless wonders along the way.
  • Drive to Sonmarg in the evening.
  • Trek Distance: Srinagar to Sonmarg - 90Kms || 3 to 4Hrs
  • Altitude: Srinagar (5,200 ft) to Sonmarg (8,960 ft)
  • Stay: Sonmarg (Tented - 3 or 4 sharing)

Day 02: Sonmarg to Nichnai via Shekdur

  • Today is the first day of this exciting trek through Kashmir's magnificent lakes!
  • After consuming breakfast at the stay, embark on a 3-4 kilometer trek from Sonamarg to a roadside eatery,
  • From here on out, the walk will be gradual and will take you through maple and pine forests along the Sindh River.
  • After completing the forest trek, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Sonamarg Valley and picturesque streams.
  • From this point on, the trail will descend and lead you to the snow-covered Shekdur Range.
  • Before beginning your trek to the Nichnai, which is approximately 11,500 meters above sea level, take some time to relax in the neighborhood.
  • Upon arriving in Nichnai, register at the campground.
  • Trek Distance: Sonmarg to Nichnai - Trek distance: 90Kms || 7 to 8Hrs
  • Altitude: Sonmarg (8,960 ft) to Nichnai (11,500 ft)
  • Stay: Nichnai (Tented - 3 or 4 sharing)

Day 03: Nichnai to Vishansar Lake

  • Early in the morning, around 8:00 a.m., Wake up to the beautiful scenery around the stay and begin the trek to the Nichnai Pass while taking in the breathtaking views of the region's verdant valleys and undisturbed beauty.
  • After crossing the river, continue trekking along the river's banks until you reach Nichnai Pass or Vishansar Berry.
  • Upon reaching the pass, which is situated 13,500 meters above sea level, behold and appreciate the exquisite majesty of the pass and the surrounding snow-covered peaks.
  • After a steep descent, the trek will lead you to a picturesque flower-filled meadow. here 0n the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, you can also catch a glimpse of a waterfall that flows into a river.
  • Proceed the walk and, upon reaching a flat valley, proceed towards the valley's end to reach the campsite. On the left side of this trail, there are also breathtaking views of the Himalayan Range and Vishansar Lake.
  • Trek Distance: Nichnai to Vishansar - Trek distance: 13Kms || 7 to 8Hrs
  • Altitude: Nichnai (11,500 ft) to Vishansar (13,229 ft)
  • Stay: Vishansar (Tented - 3 or 4 sharing)

Day 04: Vishansar to Gadsar

  • As you awaken on this cool morning, you will see the Kishansar Peak reflecting in the lake's azure waters.
  • Start your day's hike in the direction of the lake, and when you get there, you'll be at Kishansar Peak, which is about 500 feet above the campsite.
  • From this point on, climb to the opposite side of the water reservoir. The route up to this point includes both easy and difficult terrain.
  • Trek towards Kishansar Lake later in the day to reach the Gadsar Pass, the highest point of this journey, which is positioned at a height of 13,800 feet.
  • Pass through a flower-filled meadow and a few beautiful lakes; Yamsar is one of these lakes, after leaving the pass.
  • Continue descending from here, pass Iris, and you'll eventually arrive at Gadsar Lake. A beautiful lake, it is covered on both sides with snow and stunningly beautiful exotic blooms.
  • When you get to the lakeshore, go to the closest Army Camp and complete the necessary paperwork to gain permission to pass Gadsar; identification is required for this.
  • Trek Distance: Vishansar to Gadsar - Trek distance: 16Kms || 7 to 8Hrs
  • Altitude: Vishansar (12,011 ft) to Gadsar (13,715 ft)
  • Stay: Gadsar (Tented - 3 or 4 sharing)

Day 5: Gadsar to Satsar; distance traveled 11.5 kilometers; time spent traveling 4.5 hours; elevation gained 10,706 to 11,985 feet

  • You'll start your day with a stroll from the army camp to the stream.
  • Be prepared for a variety of terrains, including extremely steep, flat, and even land. Visit Maengandob, which is bordered by mountains, and take a quick break.
  • Reach the first of the seven lakes that make up Satsar, follow the same protocol as yesterday with the army personnel, and establish camps close to the bizarre first lake of Satsar.
  • Trek Distance: Gadsar to Satsar - Trek distance: 11.5Kms || 5 to 6 Hrs
  • Altitude: Gadsar (10,706 ft) to Satsar (11,985 ft)
  • Stay: Satsar (Tented - 3 or 4 sharing)

Day 6: Satsar to Gangabal Twin Lakes; distance traveled: 9 km; time spent traveling: 6 hours; elevation gained: 11,985 ft to 13,276 ft

  • This is the day when you'll have to exercise both your physical and mental limits—a true test of caliber!
  • After passing the final Satsar lake and continuing through rocky, boulder-filled terrain for 30 minutes, you will reach the forest line.
  • From this point on, walk higher until you reach a height of 13,400 feet. As you climb, you'll see various ridges of varying heights and charming Gujjar houses.
  • The twin lakes Gangabal and Nundkol, which are joined by a lovely creek and are popular for trout fishing, can also be seen from the summit and are fascinating to observe.
  • Following this, hike down a rocky, jagged track until you reach a bubbling creek. After crossing the stream, you will arrive at a verdant meadow that leads to Nundkol Lake, a popular weekend destination for locals.
  • After around 20 minutes of hiking from Nundkol water, you will reach Gangabal Lake, where you can cross the water to get to the campsite for dinner and an overnight stay.
  • Trek Distance: Satsar to Gangabal - Trek distance: 09 Kms || 6 to 7 Hrs
  • Altitude: Satsar (11,985 ft) to Gangabal (13,276 ft)
  • Stay: Gangabal (Tented - 3 or 4 sharing)

Day 7: Gangabal to Naranag and 13 miles of trekking | Trek Time: 6 to 7 hours | Loss in altitude: from 11,486 feet to 7,800 feet

  • Start your final day of the Kashmir Great Lake Trek from the Gangabal camp and stroll through a pine forest and grassy terrain filled with yellow flowers.
  • As you near Naranag, the last destination of your walk, descend. reach the Ganderbal District's Naranag Village. You are welcome to go to Naranag Temple.
  • Get a ride back to Srinagar carrying lovely memories
  • Trek Distance: Gangabal to Naranag - Trek distance: 13 Kms || 6 to 7 Hrs
    Drive Distance: Naranag to Srinagar - Drive distance: 50 Km || 1.30Hrs
  • Altitude: Gangabal (11,486 ft) to Naranag (7,800 ft)

Basic Essentials

  • Day Bag(20-30 liter) with Rain Cover (If you hire a mule or porter)
  • BackPack(50-60 liter) with Rain Cover
  • 2- water bottles
  • Personal Medical Kit (If required)
  • Hiking Shoes-water proof and Ankle support
  • Torch With extra batteries
  • Original ID Card
  • Glucose, Chocolates, biscuits, and nuts

Clothing Essentials

  • Thermal Wear
  • 2-jacket (1 Fleece, 1 Down feather)
  • Warm Inner-wears
  • 2-Gloves (1 Woollen, 1 Waterproof)
  • 2-Trek Pants (which is a comfortable full day)
  • 4-T-shirts (2 Full Sleeves, 2 Half Sleeves)
  • 2-Sweater (1 Fleece, 1 Woollen)
  • 5-Socks (3 Cotton, 2 Woollen)
  • Rain Coat / Poncho
  • Handkerchief/towels

Protect Your Head

  • 2- Caps (1 Sun Cap, 1 Woollen Cap)
  • UV sunglass
  • Balaclava

Personal Utilities

  • Cameras
  • Sunscreen Cream
  • Tooth Brush & Paste
  • Lip Balm
  • Quick Dry Towel
  • Body Lotion
  • Sanitizers

  • Sonamarg to Naranng
  • Veg Meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, and Dinner
  • Tents(Triple/Double Sharing), Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Matts
  • Experienced and Qualified Guides
  • Friendly and supportive staff
  • Forest permits
  • Medical Amenities – First Aid Kits, Oxymeters, oxygen cylinders.
  • Sanitized and Hygienic Campsites

  • Transportation to and from Srinagar
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusion list
  • Meals during Transportation
  • Any kind of personal Expenses
  • Unscheduled or extended stay due to roadblocks, Landslides
  • Porter/mule charges (Personal), Backpack offloading Charges (2700 per Bag)
  • Cost of Evacuation in Case of Emergency

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