Maharashtra Backpacking Trip
Maharashtra Backpacking Trip

Explore Maharashtra in monsoon on a long weekend

Brief itinerary:

Day 0: Hyderabad to Lonavala

Day 1: Matheran exploration 

Day 2: Lonavala and Lohagad fort

Day 3: Mahabaleshwar  

Day 4: Panchgani

Day 5: Kolad river rafting

Hyderabad to Lonavala by Train (Day 0)

08.30 PM: Train from Hyderabad to Lonavala
In case the train tickets aren’t available, we’ll be booking a bus, the cost will be increased.

Notes for the day:

1. You will not get time to change your dress till we complete the trek the next day; so wear your desired clothes before boarding the train itself.

2. Don't forget to carry a thin blanket to be used for the night train journey.

People from other cities, please contact us for arrangements.

Explore Matheran Hill Station (Day 1)

Matheran is the only no pollution place in India. Vehicles are not allowed into Matheran and one has to walk their way up or take the toy train or ride a mule. 

We will get into our hired private vehicle from Lonavala railway station and head towards Neral, from Neral we need to take a taxi till Dasturi as per the local rules since they won't allow private vehicles in that route. We will be walking along the toy train track route to reach Matheran from Dasturi. The route is very scenic and there are no steep ascends at all, so anyone can walk along easily. Once we reach Matheran we will drop our luggage in our booked stay and go sightseeing.

There are innumerous points to visit in Matheran, we will visit the most famous and worth visiting sights as per our time feasibility. The walking trails to the viewpoints are a different experience too since there won't be much sunlight and it is as though you're walking in a deep forest. Charlotte lake is our first stop. This lake is a feast to the eyes located amidst lush green forest. Very close to the Charlotte lake we have a reverse waterfall. The simple logic behind a reverse waterfall is the strong winds that blow the water upwards. 

We will be visiting Louisa point next from which you have a 180 degrees view of the nearby ranges from Matheran. Next we'll be going to the echo point, as the name suggests if you shout here the valley will echo back. 

We will walk back to our booked stay, have dinner and retire for the day. If the whole group is interested and are ready, then our trek leader will take you guys to a night forest walk and trust us, it's bound to be a crazy experience. 

Stay: Matheran (Homestay) & Meals: Dinner 

Lonavala Local Sightseeing (Day 2)

We will wakeup early and head to the nearest sunrise point. After sunrise we'll head back to our stay, freshen up, have breakfast and checkout. We will trek back from Matheran to Dasturi in the same train track route and then take a taxi till Neral. In Neral we will board back our hired vehicle and head to Lonavala. We will first head to Lohagad fort. 

Lohagad fort trek ascend will take us around an hour, we'll spend a good amount of time and click group pictures here. We'll trek down and then head to Lion's point. It is an hour journey from there. Loin's point has amazing views of Lonavala. 

From Lion's point we will head to Tiger's point for sunset. These two viewpoints are very close by. Tiger's point has one of the best sunset views in Lonavala region. 

After sunset we'll head back to our booked stay, have dinner and retire for the day. 

Stay: Lonavala & Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Explore Mahabaleshwar (Day 3)

Our trek leader will give an early wakeup call since we have a long day to go. We will freshen up and check out from the hotel and board our hired vehicle. It is a 4 hour journey from Lonavala to Mahabaleshwar and hence the early wakeup. We will head to Pratapgad fort first which on the way from Lonavala to Mahabaleshwar. To ascend Pratapgad there are barely 50 stairs. Pratapgad offers a very picturesque view from the top.

From Pratapgad we'll head to Elephant's head point. Elephant's head point is just a kilometre walk from the parking point.

From Elephant's head point we will head to Venna lake. Venna lake is backwaters of Krishna river. We can do boating here at Venna lake. 

Once done with boating, we will board our vehicle and head to Arthur's seat Mahabaleshwar point for sunset.  

After sunset we'll head to our stay, have dinner and retire for the day. If weather and time permits we'll go for a night hike.

Stay: Mahabaleshwar & Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Panchgani sightseeing (Day 4)

In Panchgani we'll visit Sydney point for sunrise, from Sydney point you can spot Dhoom lake and dam and the view is amazing with the sun rays shining over the lake.

After sunset we'll head back to the stay, freshen up, have breakfast and check out. We will first visit Mapro Food Park. Mapro is a food processing unit specialised in strawberry induced products and here at Mapro food park they sell their products and they have a cafe which serve very delicious foods.

From Mapro we'll head towards Table land. Table land is a view point with a vast area. To reach Table land from the parking one has to either trek or take a horse. It is a 6 km trek. 

After Table land we will head towards Kundalika region for our night stay.

Kolad river rafting (Day 5)

The best time to visit Kolad is during the monsoon from June to October to enjoy white water rafting. During these months the water levels in the river are high which makes rafting enjoyable. Kolad has been one of the best location for river rafting in Maharashtra. As the Water is released from Bhira Dam in to the river, River Rafting can be done at Kolad all over the year.

Rafting distance: 10 km and 2 hours

Swimming is not mandatory for river rafting.

Stay: Kolad & Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Meals: Breakfast & Train to Hyderabad / Bangalore



  • Transportation
    • Hyderabad to Lonavala train
    • Pune to Hyderabad train
    • Lonavala to Pune - Private vehicle
      • Driver
      • Tolls & Praking
      • Fuel
  • Stay
    • As per itinerary
  • Food
    • Breakfast - 4 meals
    • Lunch - 1 meal
    • Dinner - 4 meals
  • River rafting

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