Shimla Manali Honeymoon Trip
Shimla Manali Honeymoon Trip

Explore Love and Adventure with Our 5-Day Shimla-Manali Honeymoon Package

Planning a post-wedding getaway on a tight budget feels daunting, doesn't it?Especially to dream destinations like Shimla-Manali. Worry not! We've compiled affordable yet magical alternatives. Dive into hidden gems, cost-saving tips, and local secrets that promise an unforgettable journey without breaking the bank. This special package is perfect for couples who dream of a romantic getaway surrounded by stunning mountains and charming towns.

Imagine holding hands while exploring the beautiful sights of Manali, like the ancient Hadimba Temple and the warm Vashisht Hot Springs. Picture yourselves strolling down Mall Road, surrounded by the lively buzz of the town.

Feel the thrill of adventure in Solang Valley, where you can soar through the sky paragliding. Drive through the incredible Atal Tunnel and relax in the peaceful village of Sissu, a perfect place for cozy moments together.

In Kullu, get your hearts racing with exciting river rafting on the Beas River. Capture your love with a GoPro video while paragliding at discounted prices.

Discover the spiritual side of Manikaran with its hot springs and beautiful Gurudwara. Wander through Kasol, a charming town with lovely cafes and scenic walks by the river.

End your trip with a visit to Kufri, where snowy hills offer fun activities like horse riding. Then, take romantic walks in Shimla, visiting the Jakhu Temple and strolling along the Ridge and Mall Road.

Choosing GoAdventure means choosing unforgettable experiences. We're all about making your honeymoon not just a trip, but a journey filled with love, adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime. Let's make your dream honeymoon come true!

🌄 Day 1: Discover Manali's Charm

Welcome to the beginning of your romantic journey in the picturesque town of Manali! 
Your day starts with a visit to the iconic Hadimba Temple, where the ancient whispers of history meet intricate architecture. 
Feel the serenity as you stroll through Van Vihar National Park, surrounded by nature's canvas painting.

Immerse yourselves in the spiritual ambiance of a Tibetan Monastery before surrendering to the soothing embrace of Vashisht Hot Springs
As the day gently fades, take a leisurely walk hand in hand along the bustling Mall Road, indulging in local delicacies and shopping for keepsakes.

Here's a guide on what to buy in Manali.

🏨 Stay: Manali | 🍽 Meals: Dinner

🏔 Day 2: Snowy Adventures in Solang Valley and Retreat in Sissu

Prepare for a day filled with snowy adventures and mountain thrills! 
Head to Solang Valley, a winter wonderland offering a plethora of activities amidst snow-capped peaks. 
Feel the rush as you glide down the slopes with skiing, zip across the valley on a thrilling zipline, and experience the charm of a Yak ride through the pristine landscape. 
For those craving more excitement, embark on an ATV ride, navigating through the snowy terrain.

After an adventurous time in Solang Valley, embark on a journey through the mesmerizing ATAL Tunnel, marveling at its engineering brilliance as it leads you to the serene village of Sissu
Nestled amidst tranquil surroundings, Sissu offers a perfect retreat to unwind and soak in the quiet beauty of the mountains.

🏨 Stay: Manali | 🍽 Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

 🚣‍♂️ Day 3: Adventure in Kullu - River Rafting and Paragliding

Today is all about embracing the thrill of adventure in Kullu
Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate the rapids with River Rafting on the Beas River. 

Take to the skies with discounted Paragliding, capturing priceless moments against the backdrop of panoramic landscapes and record the experience on a GoPro. 

Don't miss a visit to the Kullu Shawl Factory, where craftsmanship meets culture.

🏨 Stay: Manali | 🍽 Meals: Dinner & Breakfast
Check this link for prices and more details.


🏞 Day 4: Exploring Manikaran's Spiritual Haven and Kasol's Charming Cafes

Explore the charming village of Kasol, nestled amidst stunning mountain views. 
Treat yourself to delicious food and drinks at cozy cafes while enjoying the panoramic scenery of the Parvati Valley
Take leisurely strolls through the vibrant streets filled with local artwork and crafts. 
Let the peaceful ambiance of Kasol and the gentle sounds of nature create unforgettable moments on your honeymoon.

Embark on a soulful journey to Manikaran, a sacred enclave nestled amidst the majestic Parvati Valley. 
Take a visit to the Gurudwara Sahib, where tranquil prayers and warm hospitality await. 
Feel the divine energy as you witness the natural marvel of the hot springs, believed to possess healing properties.

Continue your spiritual exploration with a visit to the ancient Shiva Temple, resonating with centuries-old mythology. 
Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance as you offer prayers amidst the serene surroundings.

🏨 Stay: Shimla | 🍽 Meals: Dinner & Breakfast

❄️ Day 5: Fun in Kufri and Shimla - Snowy Hills and City Strolls

Head to Kufri, the sports capital of Shimla where laughter fills the air amidst snowy landscapes. 
Delight in horseback rides or simply enjoy the enchanting beauty of the hills. 

Return to Shimla for a leisurely stroll through Jakhu Temple and a charming walk along the Ridge and Mall Road, weaving memories amidst colonial charm.

🍽 Meals: Breakfast

We will arrange your journey to Delhi or Chandigarh based on your choice from here.

Note 1: Things to be carried in your Manali trip change a bit as per the season during which you plan your trip. In the following list, we have mentioned seasonal things separately. Do check with your trip coordinator about the weather forecast before packing.
Note 2: You need not carry anything extra apart from the things mentioned in the list. It is curated in such a way that it perfectly suits the requirements of this trip & ensures your safety concerning cold.
Head and Skin Protection & Accessories:
  • Cap / Sun hat/ Balaclava
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (SPF 40 and above)
  • Lip balm, Moisturizer & other skincare products if req.
  • Woolen Cap (In winters - from October to March)
Clothing & Accessories:
  • Innerwear (4 to 6 pair)
  • Sport Shoes
  • Sandals or Flip-flops
  • Socks (2 to 3 pairs)
  • Small backpack (10L to 20L)
  • Water bottle
  • Raincoat/ Poncho (In Rainy season - from July to September)
  • Fleece/ Thermals (In winters - from October to March)
  • Gloves (In winters - from October to March)
  • Woolen socks (1 to 2 pairs. In winters - from October to March)
Documents & Electronics + Accessories
  • Original ID proof
  • Camera & Kit (Optional)
  • Mobile chargers
  • Power bank
  • Liquid cash
  • Toiletry kit
  • Personal medicines (If any)

Tip: While packing, you can use plastic bags to compartmentalize things and carry a few extra plastic bags for wet clothes. Maintain separate bag for used tissues & napkins & then dispose of it properly.

Check this blog for more information.

Note: Littering any kind of rappers, tissues, napkins, bottles or anything else will strictly not be entertained. So doers shall be on their own thereafter.

  • Delhi - Manali & Shimla - Delhi  Bus Transport.
  • 4 Breakfast & 4 Dinners
  • Manali - Shimla Transport as per itinerary
  • 4 Night Hotel stay as per itinerary
  • All necessary permits and entry fees and forest fee
  • Room heaters
  • Campfire (one night)

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