Laknavaram bridge and Ramappa temple
Laknavaram bridge and Ramappa temple

Laknavaram Bridge and Ramappa temple

Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple is an ancient Hindu temple of Lord Shiva located in the state of Telangana. It is Kakatiya style in the temple which is also known as Rudreshwar Temple. It is 66 km away from Warangal and 209 km away from Hyderabad. This Temple has beautiful detailed architecture details with unique style. This temple has musical pillars built 800 years ago during the Kakatiya dynasty. This temple is named in the name of architect. The beauty of the temple can be witnessed only by visiting the temple directly where you can see the pillars and details of beautiful carved dancers and huge ornamental Nandi which gives a special attraction to the Ramappa temple.

Laknavaram bridge

The Laknavaram bridge is a beautiful hanging suspension bridge with a length of 160 meters starting from the entrance till the island. Laknavaram lake is 80 kms from Warangal. This is a huge spread of serene water which gives you panaromic sights in all the directions. This place is away from the busy chaos of the urban life as the place is filled with calmness, away from chaos. Laknavaram bridge is constructed and designed with yellow ropes tied hanging, surrounded by captivating hill-rocks, boats, trees, water and small islands. This is an exhilarating scenic beauty acts as a tourist attraction in Warangal.


Trip to these places are a one day getaway as these places are very much close to Hyderabad. We will all gather together at a common point early in the morning and then start the drive in the vehicle provided by GoAdventures. Each and everyone would be super excited and energetic as the trip is going to be fun filled with your loved ones.

Ramappa temple is the first place we will be visiting. This temple is 66 KM from Warangal and 209 KM from Hyderabad. Ramappa temple is also known as Rudreshwara temple as it is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, built at the time of the Kakatiya dynasty. On the way to the temple, we will stop for breakfast. We will also share our travel stories and experiences while travelling and play few games for entertainment. The road condition will be very good. After reaching the Ramappa temple, you can witness the beauty of the ancient temple with meticulous eye-catching architecture. In this temple, you can find musical pillars, beautifully carved dancers on the surface of the ancient stones and a huge single stoned Nandi which adds a special attraction. As this temple has a huge history, this adds glory and heritage to the state.

After spending some time there and clicking few pictures, we will head towards the Laknavaram bridge. It takes around 40 mins to reach the Laknavaram lake as it is very close  from the Ramappa temple. On the way we will stop for lunch, where you can taste the authentic local flavours of Telangana. Then, we will reach the beautiful hanging suspension bridge, the Laknavaram bridge. This bridge is with a length of 160 mts starting from the entrance point and ending at a beautiful island of the Laknavaram lake. Laknavaram lake is a huge spread of serene water, away from chaos. Laknavaram bridge is constructed with great technology and design. The bridge is built and tied with yellow ropes which gives you a pleasant feeling, as yellow is a colour of happiness. The place is surrounded by lush green trees and hills. You will also see the movement of beautiful coloured boats.

Boating activity can be done here which is a fun filled activity, where you can explore the whole lake with joy. (Speed boats are also available)

After boating, we can have some snacks like punugulu, bajji and tea at the available food courts. Then click few pictures at the bridge and lake and start our drive to Hyderabad. By late night we will reach Hyderabad with good memories.

  • Walking/Sports/Trekking shoe. (Please make sure that you are using soft rubber-sole footwear)
  • Raincoat, rain cover for your bag, zip-lock pouches for mobiles

Food & Beverage

  • Min 2 liters of water each (Please bring reusable water bottles so that together we can discourage the use of plastic on the trails)
  • Snacks (Carry plenty of dry snacks, energy bars, candies & ORS to munch on during the trek)


  • Camera
  • Power bank
  • Headtorch / Hand-held torch (Avoid mobile flashlights.)
  • Medicines (If you have any health issues. Please ensure that you inform our trek leaders beforehand.)
  • Sanitation kit (Carrying Odomos would come in handy)


  • Raincoat, rain cover for your bag, zip lock punches for mobiles
  • Sun cap
  • Goggles

  • First aid and
  • Local guide
  • Transportation

  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Food during the transit.
  • Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the head

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