GA Free Camping

GA Free Camping
Published Date: 28th Jun 2023

This weekend step away from the crowded dance floor and dance under the stars with us and the best part, FOR FREEEE!

Free Camping is real and we do it every weekend with the limited slots of 25 people.

Camping Places Near Hyderabad:

Chinholi forest -
Muthyamdhara falls
Rachakonda fort
Gayathri falls

How to join Camping:

You can register from the above list by paying Rs.500/- as a deposit. This is to avoid last-minute cancellations and fake registrations. This amount is non-refundable and we will issue a GoAdventure coupon code worth the same amount of Rs. 500/-. You can use this amount anytime to join any of our trips and to book a GoAdventure hotel in Manali.

Step 1: Select a camping place
Step 2: Register and log in to our system
Step 3: Pay a deposit of Rs. 500/-
Step 4: Our team will take care further and Join the Camping 
Step 5: We will issue a coupon code worth Rs. 500/-


Camping tent
Sleeping mat
First aid
Camping arrangements
Camping lights
Cooking arrangement
Assistance for vehicle pooling
Assistance with public transport
Trek leader


Ingredients for cooking (Split among all)
Entry tickets (if any)
Bus tickets (if any)
Any other things which are not included in the inclusions
5% GST on deposit

Why are we doing this Camping:

Free camping allows you to embrace the wilderness without putting a hole in your wallet. It's a chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the simplicity of nature.
We, here at Goadventure give you the opportunity for free camping where we’ll sort your camping gear, safety allow, and arrangements and all you have to do is travel along with us and be ready for every adventurous uncertainty to be experienced.
We only have limited slots, so what are you waiting for, enroll ASAP!
Free camping is not just about adventure and socializing; it's also an opportunity for self-discovery and reflection.


Advantages of Camping:

  • Outdoor Experience: Camping allows you to connect with nature and experience the great outdoors. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of natural landscapes, breathe fresh air, and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  • Physical Activity: Camping often involves physical activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, or even setting up camp. Engaging in these activities promotes exercise and helps to improve cardiovascular health, increase strength and flexibility, and boost overall fitness levels.
  • Stress Reduction: Spending time in nature has a calming effect on the mind and body. Camping provides an escape from the stresses of work, technology, and urban life. Being in natural surroundings, away from noise and distractions, can reduce stress levels, improve mood, and enhance mental well-being.
  • Social Interaction: Camping offers an excellent opportunity to bond with family and friends. Whether you're sitting around a campfire, playing games, or exploring together, camping encourages meaningful connections and strengthens relationships.
  • Unplugging from Technology: Camping allows you to disconnect from the digital world and embrace a simpler life. By limiting screen time and focusing on nature and face-to-face interactions, you can reduce reliance on technology, improve sleep patterns, and enhance mindfulness.
  • Improved Sleep: Sleeping in a natural environment, away from artificial lights and noise, can positively impact sleep quality. Camping helps regulate your internal body clock, promoting better sleep patterns and restorative rest.
  • Skill Development: Camping often requires you to learn and develop various skills, such as setting up a tent, building a fire, cooking outdoors, navigating trails, and identifying wildlife. These practical skills not only make camping more enjoyable but can also be helpful in other aspects of life.
  • Environmental Awareness: Camping fosters a sense of appreciation and respect for the environment. Being immersed in nature raises awareness of the importance of conservation and sustainability, encouraging responsible outdoor practices and a desire to protect our natural resources.
  • Adventure and Exploration: Camping opens the door to new adventures and exploration. Whether it's discovering hidden trails, observing wildlife, or experiencing different terrains, camping allows you to step out of your comfort zone and create memorable experiences.
  • Cost-Effective Getaway: Compared to other types of vacations, camping can be a more budget-friendly option. Once you have the necessary gear, camping fees are typically lower than hotel accommodations, and preparing your meals can save on dining expenses.
  • Remember to plan and prepare adequately, prioritize safety, and follow guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience.