10 Things to Do in Dawki

10 Things to Do in Dawki
Published Date: 6th Jul 2022

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dawki in Meghalaya

You need an entire day at Dawki to make the most out of the place. The 3 main places to visit here are Mawlynnong, Shnongpdeng and Krang Shuri Waterfalls. The variety of activities and sceneries you’ll enjoy here is more than what you might get in the rest of the trip. How would you then miss out on this place while planning your itinerary?

Located in the West Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya, Dawki is one of the most appealing places for adventure seekers. There’s literally everything here that a tourist wants from a trip – shopping, eating, scenic beauty and fun activities.

The town of Dawki has plenty of places to visit, each of them having different activities for you. Here’s what you have on the plate:

1. Boating at the Umngot River

There are wooden boats available here at the Indo-Bangladesh border. At the most 4-5 people can take one boat for a price of Rs. 800 per boat. As you’re sailing across the river, you can actually see the pebbles on the river bed where the water is shallow. As you enter the deeper side of the water, you’ll see little fish in there too.

  • Dawki boating booking:
    • Duration of boating: 45 min
    • Price: Rs. 800/-
    • Capacity: 3 or 4 people on a boat
    • Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Tip: Prefer boating after crossing the bridge for a better experience. Don't get trapped by the misguidance of typical agents.

2. Cliff Jumping in the Umngot River

Boating on this river isn’t enough. When the water is so pure and blue, anyone would want to get a swim. You’ll be sent on the boat with a life jacket anyway. There are plenty of tall cliffs surrounding the river. All you have to do is stop the boat on one of the sides, climb up the cliff and jump into the water. This will be one of the most daring things you’ll do throughout the trip, thus also an adventure that gives you maximum satisfaction.

Tip: Please make sure your safety jackets are good quality ones. Also, When you jump, hold the jacket down. Because the jacket might come off from your body due to heavy pressure when you land. Also, go to the right cliff jump point.  

3. Set Your Foot on the Indo-Bangladesh Border

The bank of the river is situated at the Indo-Bangladesh border. This is the friendliest border you’ll see in the country as it has no wall or gate separation. There are vendors along with the entry gate and the bank is full of pebbles. There’s merely a board there which says that the other half is Bangladesh. If you want, you can literally have a foot on the ground of Bangladesh and the other in India!

Tip: Don't forget to taste local fruits from Bangladeshi local salespeople at the border. They do accept Indian currency.

4. Walk on the Suspension Bridge across the Umngot River

The Umngot River, more commonly known as the Dawki River is located in Shnongpdeng, only 7.5 km from the main town of Dawki. The water here is clear enough to reflect the colour of the sky and the surrounding trees, giving it a dark blue-green colour.

Across this river is a suspension bridge that cannot take more than 7-8 people at a time. You’ll get a splendid aerial view of the river here and some amazing pictures along with the feeling of floating in the air.

5. Visit the Krang Shuri Waterfalls

The Krang Shuri Waterfalls are located at a distance of 30 km from Dawki. You’ll have to drive till the main point, where you’ll find a local café. You can have some Maggi, omelette and hot tea or coffee here before you proceed towards the waterfall. After a short trek of 15 minutes, you’ll arrive at one of the most stunning waterfalls hidden amidst the greenery. You can spend your time here swimming and cliff jumping in the waterfall.

  • Krang Suri falls Timings & Entry
    • Entry fee: Rs. 50/- per person
    • Life jackets: Rs. 50/- per person
    • Trek distance: Less than 1 km
    • Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM

6. Trying the Local Cuisine

After a great adventure, you would surely love to get something to eat. The best place here (if you want to try the local cuisine) is the riverside hut. Here, you’ll get some amazing fish of the river along with rice. For vegetarians, you get jackfruit mixed with spinach, onions, mushrooms, bamboo and peppers.

7. Camping at Shnongpdeng

You wouldn’t like to leave a place that beautiful after spending such a great day now, would you? This is the reason why there are plenty of campsites located by the river. You can spend the night gazing at the stars or enjoying a bonfire.

8. Fishing at the Umngot River

Since there are fish in the river, you’re allowed to pick them if you like. Many locals do that over there. Since the water here is so clear, the fish are easily visible, making it easy for anyone to catch fish here.

9. Shopping at the Cleanest Village in Asia - Mawlynnong

Located at a distance of 34.4 km from Dawki, Mawlynnong is best known as Asia’s cleanest village. You can choose to drive or even walk down there. At the entry, you’ll already see a poster that says “Asia’s Cleanest Village”. One of the reasons behind the cleanliness of the village is that plastic is banned over there. Moreover, there are dustbins everywhere and locals keep sweeping off any debris on the street.

You can visit the All Saint’s Church here and shop for souvenirs in the local market. There are scarves, keychains, junk jewellery, wooden toys, clocks, bamboo hats and many interesting home décor items. You can bargain and get stuff at a good price here.

10. Climb up a Bamboo Slope at Sky Walk

The Sky Walk is also there in Mawlynnong, which is famous for being a viewpoint from where you can see Bangladesh. You need to climb a structure that is entirely made of bamboo here. The slopes are pretty narrow and at a time only 4-5 people are suggested to climb, going in a line.

It’s almost like a treehouse, except that the slopes only lead you to a little platform – again made of bamboo. As you stand there and watch the view of the Indo-Bangladesh border, it feels like you’re floating in the air.