FAQs Meghalaya - Commonly Asked Questions by Travelers

FAQs Meghalaya - Commonly Asked Questions by Travelers
Published Date: 6th Jul 2022

  1. FAQ. How to reach Guwahati?
    Ans. Guwahati is well connected to other cities by flights and trains.
    Flight: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi is the airport name in guwahati. Guwahati airport is the standard pickup point for a Meghalaya trip.
    Train: There is a railway station in Guwahati which is well connected to major cities.
    If you are traveling by Train you need to report at Khanapara. Sharing vehicles are available from the railway. Also, you can book Rapido, Ola or Uber.
  2. What is Sunrise & Sunset time in NorthEast?
    Ans. Eastern India witnesses early Sunset and early Sunset of the when compared to rest of India. Sunrises before 6 AM and Sunsets before 5 PM in most of the seasons. This will be a different experience for every tourist visiting Northeast India.
  3. FAQ. Where do we need to report for the Meghalaya trip?
    Ans. Guwahati airport
    Khanapara bridge (Near to railway station)
  4. FAQ. What is the best time to visit Meghalaya?
    Meghalaya can be visited throughout the year and is well comfortable and every season has its beauty.
    Winter: October - February: October to February is a wonderful season for blue waters and greenery. Meghalaya experiences autumn between October and November and winter season from December to February. The average day-time temperature is extremely pleasant at 15°C, but the night-time temperature drops to around 3°C during the winters. It rarely rains during this season. 
    Summer: March - June: It is the summer time for the rest of India, But here in Meghalaya temperatures range between a maximum of 25°C to a minimum of 15°C. You can enjoy the landscape beauty, nature, sightseeing, and other outdoor activities in this season.
    Monsoon: June - September: If you are a monsoon lover this is the best season for you. Meghalaya has the world's two rainiest cities; Mawsynram and Cherrapunji. This is a great time to visit the waterfalls and enjoy the gorgeous rain-washed vistas of the region. You might not get to visit all the spots as rain might hinder your way. If the objective is only to spend some rejuvenating time in the hills, the monsoon could be an ideal time.
  5.  FAQ. Mobile signals in Meghalaya?
    Ans.  Meghalaya has good network coverage throughout except for a few remote places.
    At all our stays you will get signals with a good 4G coverage. JIO has better coverage
  6. FAQ. Fitness levels required for this trip?
    Ans. There are no particular fitness levels required to join for a Meghalaya trip. However one should have basic level fitness as this is an adventurous trip. Hiking, Swimming and other adventure activities require some fitness.
  7. FAQ. What will be the size of the group?
    Ans. In general, our groups consist of a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 20people for a batch.
  8. FAQ. Will the rooms be based on gender or mixed?
    Ans. Rooms are allocated based on gender and group basis. You can also reserve a private room for yourself as an extra. Please call our team for that.
  9. FAQ. What if we want to add a few more places to your itinerary?
    Ans. Since it is a group trip we can’t change the itinerary for a few people. However, if you are a group of 4+ people we can customize the trip for you based on your interests at extra prices.
  10. FAQ. I have asthma. Can I join?
    Ans. It depends on the severity. Consult your doctor before joining and talk to our experts to get a clear idea.
  11. FAQ. I can’t swim. Can I join?
    Ans. Absolutely Yes. Many of our clients don’t know how to swim. We provide life jackets wherever there are water activities involved.
  12. FAQ. I don't have previous trekking experience. Can I join?
    Ans. Previous Trekking experience as an added advantage only. You can join if you are physically fit. (Ref: You should be able to walk 4 KM under 40 minutes on plain roads. You check these using mobile apps like Strava)
  13. FAQ. We are a group of 10. Can we get an additional discount ?
    Ans. Yes. Group discounts are available.
  14. FAQ. What are Ziplining charges?
    Ans. There are a total of  4 lines at Ziplining.
    Package 1: Line 1 & Line 2 together at Rs. 500/- per person.
    Package 2: Line 1, 2, 3 & Line 4 altogether at Rs. 1000/- per person.
  15. FAQ.  What type of vehicle will be provided?
    Ans. Vehicles will be provided depending on the size of the group. Generally, it is a Tempo traveler but for small groups, vehicles will change based on the number of people in the group.
  16. FAQ. Campfire provided at the stay?
    Ans. Yes, We will provide the campfire on all four nights. We can provide a separate campfire if you are in a group of 4 or more.
  17. FAQ. Can I bring my parents whose age is 60?
    Ans. Yes, there are no age restrictions to join our groups. Anyone who is physically fit is happy to join.
  18. FAQ. Can I bring my children for this trip?
    Ans. All age groups can join for Meghalaya Backpacking Trip
    Children below 10 years old should be accompanied by parents.
  19. FAQ. Can you provide a private trip for us?
    Ans. Yes, Customised trips can be provided at extra prices.
  20. FAQ. Can I Bring my pet for the trip?
    Ans. Pets are not allowed in our group trips. You can book a private trip along with your pet.
  21. FAQ. Can I get dual sharing rooms?
    Ans. Yes, dual sharing rooms can be provided at an extra cost.
  22. FAQ. How much distance will we be traveling in a day ?
    On days 1 & 5 we will be travelling @ 180-200 Kms. 
    On days 2 & 3 We will be travelling @ 100 - 120 Kms.
    On Day 4 We will be travelling @ 20 - 30 Kms.
  23. FAQ. Do we have attached washrooms in the stay?
    Ans. Yes, All our stays are equipped with Attached washrooms
  24. FAQ. Do we get hot water during our stay?
    Ans. Yes, all rooms are connected with separate geysers attached.
  25. FAQ. Non-Veg food available at the stay?
    Ans. Yes, Both veg and Non-veg are available. Please let us know whether you want veg food or non-veg.
  26. FAQ. We are from the Jain community, Can you get us Jain food on the trip?
    Ans. Yes. But it needs to be informed in advance.
  27. FAQ. What if I want to cancel my trip after paying the money?
    Ans. Please refer to our cancellation policy: https://goadventure.in/cancellation-policy
  28. FAQ. What are the things to bring for the trip?
    Ans. Please refer to our “things to bring” column on our website.
  29. FAQ. Is food included in the package?
    Ans. No, Food can be ordered at the stays by paying yourself. For lunch, we will be stopping at local food joints.
  30. FAQ. How much money do we need to carry for the trip?
    Food costs @400-500 per day
    Zip lining costs you 1000
    An additional 2000-3000 cash will be sufficient for your personal expenses.
    Shopping bill: As per your budget.
    Most of the places accept Gpay/Phonepe
  31. FAQ. Is smoking & alcohol allowed during the trip?
    Ans. No. Smoking & Alcohol is strictly not allowed on our trips. We can allow in customized batches.   
  32. FAQ. Do you provide travel insurance?
    Ans. Sorry, We are working on it.
  33. FAQ. Do we have facilities to change clothes during the trip?
    Ans. Changing rooms are available at Krang Suri waterfalls & Dawki river (These are the places where we will be getting into the water)
  34. FAQ. What kind of Bikes will be provided for the trip?
    Ans: Royal Enfield Himalayan
  35. FAQ. Is fuel included in the package?
    Ans.  Bike fuel is not included in the package.
  36. FAQ. What documents do we need to carry ID/photographs?
    Ans. Please carry the below documents before entering Meghalaya state.
    Hard copies of Original ID proof (Adhar Card/ Pan card )
    Covid vaccination certificate RT PCR negative certificates )
    Meghalaya E -invite as per Meghalaya tourism rules and regulations.
  37. FAQ. Have you operated such tours in the past, can I get some references?
    Ans. GoAdventure has been organising Meghalaya for the past 4 years. We have hosted over 150 + Trips. We have fixed departures every week for Meghalaya.
    You can read our clients' reviews at Google.
  38. FAQ. May I know about other co-travelers?
    Ans. We are not allowed to share co-travelers numbers due to privacy concerns.
    We will be creating a WhatsApp group to share necessary information so you can interact in groups and know about co-travelers.
  39. FAQ. Mule Service available during the trek?
    Ans: No, Mule services are not available for Meghalaya.
  40. FAQ. Can I bring Trolley for the trip?
    Ans: We do not recommend anyone to bring a trolley bag as it takes a lot of space. And from the parking place to your room you need to carry your own luggage so it won’t be convenient with trolley bags.
  41. FAQ. What Temperatures can I expect?
SeasonsMin/Max TemperatureHow it feels
April to June15-25 °CPleasantly warm
July to September24-33°CModerate to heavy rainfall
October to November22 to -29 CCool and humid
December to February4 – 16 CWinter - Cold winds and misty mornings