Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Mawryngkhang Trek in Meghalaya

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Mawryngkhang Trek in Meghalaya
Published Date: 14th Sep 2021

Mawryngkhang Trek: The Most Thrilling Trek in Meghalaya

One of the greatest feelings of being on a mountain is the height at which you’re travelling. The steeper the slope, the more fun it gets, isn’t it? Now instead of being in a car, when you’re actually climbing the mountain rocks on foot, the thrill of the journey simply multiplies. When you go to the Mawryngkhang trek, at some points you might feel that you’re walking in the air.

Yes, this is because the route consists of narrow and steep routes that take you to the strongest rock in the world – U Mawryngkhang. Let’s see why you’ll enjoy a trek that leads you to a giant rock.

The Fascinating Story of U Mawryngkhang

The locals in Meghalaya believe in a story about this rock. Mawryngkhang was the king of stones and one day fell in love with Kthiang, a rock from another kingdom. However, he had competition from another rock called Mawpator.

This led to a war between Mawpator and Mawryngkhang. Not only did U Mawryngkhang win, but he blew off Mawpator's head. Even today, when you look into the gorge from the top of Mawryngkhang, you can see the head of Mawpator.

The Journey towards Mawryngkhang


You start off from the Wakhen village, which is 42 km from Shillong, located at an altitude of 2,953 feet. You’ll be walking among the East Khasi Hills and in 3-4 hours, you’ll finally arrive at the top of U Mawryngkhang. The total distance you’ll be walking is 3.54 km. Although the trek seems scary, we wouldn’t term it as “difficult”.

The journey towards the top comprises steep slopes, rocks and plenty of bamboo suspension bridges. In fact, the bamboo bridges are one of the main reasons why this trek is so popular. These bridges are hundreds of feet above the ground and quite narrow. When you look down from there, all you’ll see is infinite green valleys.

Apart from the beautiful view of the Khasi hills and valleys, you even have the clear stream of the Wahrew River flowing below the bamboo bridges. You’ll even get a view of the river from the top of Mawryngkhang.

Here’s how the entire journey goes:

Step 1

You start off from Wakhen village. In 500 meters, you’ll reach the bank of the Wahrew River. This entire journey mostly only consists of steep slopes and some rocks here and there that you might have to step on.

Step 2

Now, you’ll be crossing plenty of bamboo suspension bridges that are built right over the river. As delicate as these bridges may seem, you can be assured that they are sturdy and strong enough for you to cross over smoothly.

Step 3

Once you’ve crossed the river with the help of the suspension bridges, you now arrive at a plateau from where you can get a view of the river stream. In this trail, you’ll come across some wooden and bamboo bridges that are built with the support of rocks.

Step 4

Throughout your journey, you are actually climbing upwards. The river stream becomes thinner and farther away from you as you proceed. This is when in the middle of the journey, you arrive at Mawkhlieng Cliff. The bamboo bridge is built by its support and is extremely narrow and steep. Once you cross this, the scariest part of the trek will be over.

Step 5

The scary trail you just crossed leads you to the Mawmoit Viewpoint, where you can take proper rest. You may say it is a baby version of Mawryngkhang, where you can sit and take pictures, enjoying the breathtaking view of the Khasi hills and the stream of the Wahrew River. You can also see the Mawryngkhang from here right across you.

Step 6

The final journey is towards the Mawryngkhang. The rock itself is 328 feet tall, not to mention it is already at an altitude of [number] feet. You only have to walk another 200 meters, this time climbing extremely steep ladders made of bamboo along the rocks. Of course, they’ve been made to make the climb easy for you.

Once you’re at the top of the strongest rock in the world, you can finally enjoy a little picnic and photo session for yourself. The view of the hills, gorge and stream from this height is spectacular and mesmerizing.

The best part about the Mawryngkhang trek lies in walking through some dangerous-looking bamboo bridges and trails. The joy lies in finally arriving at the destination, after a lot of climbing and overcoming your fears.