Top 10 Offbeat Destinations in Meghalaya

Top 10 Offbeat Destinations in Meghalaya
Published Date: 14th Sep 2021

Best Destinations to Visit in Meghalaya

Did you know Meghalaya is also called the “abode of clouds”? That’s because it receives the maximum rainfall in India. And for that very reason, it is also the Land of Waterfalls, one of the reasons why the place is a popular tourist destination today.

Meghalaya is not a place you’ll visit only for its mesmerizing beauty. It’s meant for some adventure and thrill. You’ll get to leave the place with complete satisfaction after you’ve climbed those rocks, walked across the bridges and dipped into the cold waters.

Here are some of the places and activities in Meghalaya that you just shouldn’t miss:

Mawkdok Valley

The Mawkdok Dympep valley connects Shillong to Cherrapunji. This isn’t just a beautiful, green valley between the hills. It is a place where you have the opportunity to fly!

If you’ve ever been to the hills, so far you have either driven on the roads, taken a walk, gone for a trek or have been hiking.

Here, you take a look at the view by zip-lining – watch the lush green valley as you slide across a rope that is 1200 feet above the ground. In fact, if the temperature drops and it’s all foggy and cloudy, you’ll literally have a picture between the clouds!

2. The Krang Shuri Waterfalls

The route to one of the most beautiful waterfalls you’ll ever see is a few rocks and steps below the Amlarem village in the Jaintia Hills. On the route itself, you’ll notice a dark blue spot, which is an aerial view of the waterfalls.

You’ll definitely rush towards the destination as you see it. The water in there is ice cold and crystal clear. As the sun shines upon the falls, you’ll even see a slight rainbow right there. And the best part is that you get to swim here – right till the rainbow.

3. Umngot or Dawki River

While most rivers in India are brown and polluted, the Umngot River in Dawki village is nothing of that sort. Situated at the India-Bangladesh border, it is more popularly called the Dawki River. The water here is crystal clear – pretty much like a blue spot amidst the greenery. Let’s just say that it’s clean enough to make every pebble on the river bed visible to you.

Since the river is calm, clean and deep, it is very safe and hence popular for cliff jumping. If you don’t have an existing injury or medical problem, you can definitely give it a shot. The experience gives you chills as it might be your longest jump. All the fear and anxiety that you might feel on the rock will be worth it once you’re in the cold water. In fact, you’re most likely to go back up for a second jump.

4. U Mawryngkhang

U Mawryngkhang is one of the strongest rocks in the world. For this reason, it is also known as the “king of rocks''. An interesting story that the locals believe to be true about this rock is that it has won battles against other rocks, proving itself to be the strongest.

Being at a height of 3,000 feet, it provides you with a great view of the hills. However, what you’ll enjoy the most about this trek is walking through bridges made entirely of bamboo and ropes. Apart from that, there are steps that are made of stone. Since the trails are steep and thin while providing you a spectacular view on the other side, trekking here is really thrilling.

5.   Rainbow Waterfalls via Living Root Bridge

This is one long trek that’ll just make your day. While the Living Root Bridge is known to be a world UNESCO heritage site, the destination this trek leads to is literally heaven on earth. You start your journey from Tyrna village and after descending exactly 3,765 steps, you’ll reach the Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

As the name suggests, the bridge is made of roots of actual, living trees which are 600 years old! The pool underneath has pure water where you’ll enjoy dipping your feet. As you proceed ahead from there, you’ll take another 90 minutes to reach the rainbow waterfalls. This is where you see a huge rainbow almost at eye level the whole time and enjoy the water splashing on your face from the falls.

On your way throughout, you’ll keep finding little stalls for refreshments. You even have many natural pools here, where you’re allowed to swim.

6.   The Top of Nohkhalikai Waterfalls

This is the highest waterfall in India, located at a height of 1,115 feet. You start your journey from the Nohkhalikai village, going through a steep route from where you can see streams of water flowing towards the waterfall.

Unlike most waterfalls, you see these from a distance due to their height. Since the viewpoint is pretty famous, you’ll even get to shop a lot here. A little advice – check out the spices.

7.   Wei Sawdong Waterfalls

Another spot that you can call heaven on earth, a common term for the Wei Sawdong is the three-tier waterfalls. Located in the Sohra region, the route to this waterfall is a short and steep trek through bamboo and wooden bridges.

There are 2 stops for you here – one from where you’ll get a spectacular aerial view and another to the foot of the falls. However, you don’t get to step in the water here because of the temperature and depth of the water.

8.   David Scott's Trek

This is a comparatively easy trek – only 16 km long, starting with a flat route. You’ll be walking from Mawphlang to Ladmawphlang, enjoying the beautiful view of the Umiam River and its stream throughout.

You’ll be walking through a military bridge that is 200 years old. After crossing it, you finally reach the river and cross it by stepping through boulders. Another reason why you’ll enjoy this trek is because you’ll get to meet the Khasi tribes here.

9.   Mawphlang Sacred Grove

As the name suggests, this is more of a religious place and it is owned by the Khasi tribe. It is located in a dense forest in the East Khasi hills surrounded by rich flora and fauna. This is not just a different place for you to visit, but also incredibly peaceful. When you do get there, remember not to take any fruit or flower with you as it is forbidden.

10. Phe Phe Waterfalls

In the Jaintia language, the word “phe phe” means paradise. And indeed, these two-tier waterfalls do feel like it. Located 8.6 km ahead of the Krang Suri falls, this beautiful blue spot lies hidden in the middle of a cave. 

The water is cold and crystal clear, reflecting the blue sky and the surrounding greenery. You can totally take a dip in the pool and enjoy a swim.

Meghalaya is really a place for adventure. The beauty of the course is mesmerizing and you’ll enjoy it so much more when you dip your feet in the waters or climb up the green hills. If you’re fond of travelling in the mountains, this isn’t an opportunity to miss.