How to Go to Wei Sawdong Falls in Meghalaya?

How to Go to Wei Sawdong Falls in Meghalaya?
Published Date: 6th Jul 2022

How to Get to the Wei Sawdong Waterfalls in Meghalaya?

Being a hilly region receiving the highest amount of rainfall in India, Meghalaya has the maximum waterfalls too. If you ever go there in the monsoon, you might see a waterfall forming in every corner. However, some of the famous waterfalls out there have their own beauty. One such waterfall is the Wei Sawdong Waterfall in Cherrapunji.

Why are the Wei Sawdong Falls So Popular?

Most tourists compare the Wei Sawdong to the Pamukkale hot springs in Turkey. You may call them a mini version of the hot springs as it is a 3-tier waterfall. Surrounded by greenery on all sides, you have to take a steep trek in the hills to finally get a view of these hidden waterfalls.

Having to find these waterfalls does add to its beauty and charm. When you get its first aerial view, you will be startled for a moment to see its pure blue colour, form and tranquillity. All you can hear in this area is the sound of the water falling down from the 3 levels. Your eyes will be caught up with the beautiful blue spot appearing from nowhere in the middle of greenery.

Such is the attraction of these waterfalls. Once you’re there, you can’t stop staring at them. Although officially you’re not allowed to swim here, you might like to dip your feet a little bit. The water is ice cold and very deep here.

The Thrilling Route to Wei Sawdong Falls

It is located at a distance of 54 km from Shillong and 12.9 km from the Nohkalikai falls. Up to a certain point, you can drive from Cherrapunji. However, the falls won’t be visible from the main road or drive. You’ll have to go through a steep trek of 20 minutes to finally get there. That’s approximately a distance of 200 metres.

At first, you’ll encounter very steep steps made entirely with bamboo, logs and stone. At some points, you’ll even get ladders. Some of the steps here are muddy and can be slippery if it rained recently. You might even have to cross a few boulders. If you’re with a guide, the trek can be much simpler for you.

The locals have made the way simpler for travellers to get there. You need to make sure you’re wearing proper anti-skid trekking shoes to take this route.

While you’re still mid-way, you’ll get an aerial view of the waterfall at first. This is the point from where you can see all the 3 levels of the waterfall. As you proceed closer, the sound of the waterfall gets louder and louder. In the quiet and peaceful woods, this is the only sound you’ll be hearing.

Once you arrive at the foot of these waterfalls, you can enjoy your time taking pictures and dipping your feet into the water. The 20-minute risk you take is completely worth it when you arrive at a destination that is so heavenly.

The Wei Sawdong Waterfalls in Meghalaya are one of a kind. You’ll see plenty of waterfalls in Meghalaya but none of them will resemble these.